D1 Training


Another fad, another theory, another wall of mirrors and treadmills won’t cut it.
That’s why at D1, we worked with the most elite minds in the industry to engineer a high-performance 54 minute workout that will help your body realize its maximum potential regardless of experience. All we ask from you is the dedication to show up.

We know the fear.
We know the pain.
And most importantly, we know how bad you want this.
Trust us; we won’t let you fail.

You pick the goal, we help you get there.

Athletic-based training

  • 5-8 Week Programmed Training Cycles
  • Functional Strength and Conditioning
  • Power Development
  • Core Stability
  • Burn over 600 calories
  • Healthy Mobility & Movement Quality Focused
  • Testing and Progress Tracking

The D1 Environment

  • Train at your own pace
  • High energy, motivating atmosphere
  • Small group training with professional coaches
  • Personal training style experience
  • Multiple workouts offered 6 Days Per Week
  • 54-Minute workout
  • Train in community

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