D1 Training

Specifically designed to produce hypertrophy (muscle building) & functional strength through a high intensity workout, utilizing our proprietary 5-Star Training Program. Guaranteed to produce results by the end of our 8-week programs. D1 provides the community, accountability, and proven process that it will take to reach your goal. Strength has no gender.


You pick the goal, we help you get there

Athletic-based Training

  • 5-8 Week Programmed Training Cycles
  • Functional Strength and Conditioning
  • Power Development
  • Core Stability
  • High Caloric Expenditure
  • Healthy Mobility & Movement Quality Focused
  • Testing and Progress Tracking

The D1 Environment

  • Train at your own pace
  • High energy, motivating atmosphere
  • Small group training with professional coaches
  • Personal training style experience
  • Multiple workouts offered 6 Days Per Week
  • 54-Minute workout
  • Train in community

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