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After an injury, it’s only natural than an athlete wants to get back in the game. But a hurried recovery can only lead to more problems. A well-rounded physical therapy program bridges the gap between rehab and continued athletic activity, ensuring a safe and optimal return.

D1 can provide superior, comprehensive athletic care to members thanks to our partnerships with top local, board-certified sports medicine orthopaedists. These are the same sports medicine doctors who treat collegiate and pro athletes.

D1’s fully functional, outpatient physical therapy clinics specialize in treating injuries in a professional, motivating and sports-oriented environment. Even better, the convenience of having training and therapy in the same location means an efficient, effective transition from rehab back to training.

Services include:

  • Free Injury Screening
  • Therapeutic Modalities
  • Manual Therapy
  • Custom Rehab Programs
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Athletic Rehabilitation

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