D1 Training

For ages 15-18, the D1 Prep Curriculum develops high-level power and strength utilizing Olympic lifts and advanced speed and agility programming mirroring a Division 1 collegiate program.


  • Embodies D1 Character
  • Values a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Demonstrates Strong Work Ethic


Speed & Power

  • Advanced Linear Acceleration & Max Velocity Speed
  • Advanced Agility & Change of Direction
  • High-Level Plyometric Training


  • Increased Olympic Lifting Proficiency & Utilization
  • High-Level Strength & Conditioning Programming
  • Increased Capacity for Work: Hypertrophy

Movement Quality & Skill

  • Advanced Footwork, Coordination, and Balance
  • Optimal Mobility & Flexibility
  • Advanced Injury Prevention Techniques
  • High-Level Conditioning

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